Smokehouse Repair

Smokehouse Repair

The Smokehouse Repair

Smokehouse repair at The Tomball Museum Center was performed during the summer of 2019, due to termite damage.  The extensive termite damage was discovered in the Smokehouse.  The smokehouse, located behind the Theis House was in desperate need of repair.  In June and July 2019, a team was gathered to repair the termite damage.  The members of the team were: Jim Hayhurst, Henry Reid, Bob Watts, Bob Bradfield, Habitat for Humanity Northwest, Carolyn Stevens and The “A” Team.  Video courtesy of Robert Watts.

Termites cause costly repairs

Texas is at high risk of termite damage, and therefore it is important to learn about termites.  Termites cause five billion dollars of damage inside the US every year and cause major damage before you even realize they’re there.  The termites most commonly seen in Texas are the subterranean and drywood ecological groups of termites. Subterranean termites live in the soil, and build their homes underground beneath ground sources of food and moist areas. On the other hand, drywood termites do not need soil or water sources; they are sustained from the targets they choose, alone.

When do termites swarm?

Termites swarm in the warm days following rain and are also attracted to warm buildings in the winter. The spring is an especially active time for termites because it is when they mate and form new colonies. However, different termites are more active at different times of the day or year:

Subterranean termite species swarms:

  • February – May in the morning
  • March – June during the day
  • Fall mornings

Drywood termite species swarms:

  • Spring nights
  • April – July at night
  • Summer days

The need for repair can happen fast

It takes an average sized colony of termites only six months to eat through one foot of a 2×4. This may not sound like much, but they make tunnels in the surrounding wood, weakening the wood and potentially the structure of your buildings.  This is what caused the repairs needed on the Smokehouse.