All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow's Eve Celebration

We feel we were successful in serving our Tomball community as well as introducing the history of Tomball to many, many children, and adults with our first major Halloween event.  We had almost 500 visitors.  

      The best part for me happened when I was visiting the different activities areas provided for the children. As I entered the Fellowship Hall where kids were coloring and cutting out Halloween things, I expected to see our volunteers slaving away with many kids needing their attention and help. To my surprise, they were not busy. As I looked around the room, my heart was filled with joy and I realized why they were not busy. Every child had an adult coloring with them. It was the sweetest scene.  

      Museums serve so many purposes but, in this instance, it was an old timey simple craft which provided much enjoyment between an adult and a child.