We welcome professional and family photographers.  Due to the demand to use our facilities and to help ensure you can capture the photography you want, we are now requesting that you book a time to take your pictures.  This will prevent the overcrowding of our facilities and allow you better selection of locations when you arrive.  At present, we are limiting the scheduling to three (3) professional photographers and three (3) families during each 1 hour session.  You are allowed to schedule more than 1 session in a row.  Please click on the “schedule” button below to make your appointment.  Those with an appointment will be given priority on selection of locations to take their photographs.

For professional photographers, we are a private non-profit association and depend on membership and donation fees to maintain our facilities.  A donation is required each time you use our facilities.

Families taking pictures are always welcome.  Donations are not required but are always appreciated.

Please be considerate of others at the museum when setting up to take pictures.  If a wedding or other group has contracted to rent our facilities, the museum buildings and grounds will be closed to all others.  The museum is also closed to photographers during our normal business hours.

For your convenience, we have an online appointment system.  Find available dates on our calendar to book your session(s) instantly!